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Jesus Christ is alive, and His grace is amazing!

The Father loves you with an everlasting love!

The Holy Spirit is power, love, and sound-mindedly grace-conscious! We can know Him as Helper, Counselor, and Friend!

You are extremely valuable to the Lord.  His desire is to increase your capacity to receive all that He has for you!

LostPennyFound is a Christian prophecy, dream interpretation and intercessory prayer website. We are honored to have a part in sharing with you the grace of Jesus Christ, the love of the Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Our commission is to declare that the true riches of the Father in Jesus Christ are the hearts and souls of His children. Our heart is to see you blessed—spirit, soul, and body— as our Father blesses you with His word.

At LostPennyFound, we pray, listen and then bear witness to what we see and sense from the Lord. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit will point you always to the ONE who IS the answer…the Lord Jesus Christ.

LostPennyFound.org remains unaffiliated with any denomination, organization, or private interest. Right now, there is a small team of revelatory folks fielding the requests that come in. Lord willing, this number will expand as we take root downward and bear fruit upward in Him.

As our paths have now crossed, we just want to say we are excited to pray for you and hear the Lord on your behalf!

Your visit to this site is a divine appointment as we know there are no accidents with our Lord.

Why the name “Lost Penny Found”?

The reference is Christ’s parable of the lost coin in Luke 15:8-9.

“Or what woman, having ten silver coins, if she loses one coin, does not light a lamp, sweep the house, and search carefully until she finds it? And when she has found it, she calls her friends and neighbors together, saying, “Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece which I lost!”

Luke 18 10

We have this assurance— that we are valuable to the Lord.  We are sought after by the Father’s loving heart. As the Light of God’s grace is turned on in our lives and as the room of our soul is swept, the Lord— like the woman in the parable— rejoices over us when we are found. He paid the price to restore us to our place of value as His beloved child.

Owner and operator of this site, Sis Ty Boye knows what it is to feel like a lost penny. Though in the church for many years, Ty felt useless and inconsequential, lost and forgotten. Uncertain of her purpose in the Lord and how to fulfill it, she felt “stuck.”

It took some time to be healed from the effect of all these lies, but the Lord! As He turned His light on in her spirit, swept the rooms of her heart by His grace, and searched carefully through her soul, He reassured her of His love and presence, and demonstrated her value to HIM as His child. It is her prayer to see all who write in to this site to know their worth to the Father. He gave His Son for us. We are worth everything to Him!

When we know our worth in Christ, in His grace, we can become powerful vessels of His love, joy, faith, hope, and peace in this world.

At Lost Penny Found, our heart is for you— no matter where you may have been or how worthless you may feel— to receive that you are FOUND in Him.

If you are not sure that our Father has really pulled you out from the crack in the pavement yet, do not despair. He knows where you’re at, and He loves you. In the prophetic word, we can hear His voice calling our name.

Whether you feel it or not, His Holy Spirit daily searches carefully for you.You may think all is dark around you, but the Light of the world is already come, and you can receive sight to see that Light!

Experiencing the gift of prophecy can help you know just how closely He keeps track of you, just how deeply He wants to encourage and comfort and edify you as to your destiny in HIM, just how much you are loved and valued by the Father who gave His Son for us all.

As the Lord may lead you, please feel free to fill out the request form on this site. The team and I will pray as we are led. Usually the response will arrive in less than three weeks, Lord willing.

This is a free prophecy website. Currently, we are not set up as a 501c3 to receive tax-deductible donations.

We believe your tithes belong in your local fellowship. However, we do receive offerings and choose to pay taxes on all offerings received here.

If you are led to sow into this ministry, you may send donation via PayPal to the e-mail address: lostpennyfound@gmail.com  or physically mail the donation to:

Tyane Boye

P.O. Box 292

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