Psalm 99:5 “Exalt the Lord our God, and worship at His footstool—He is holy.”

Psalm 34:3 “Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.”

At Lost Penny Found, we worship and praise our Lord Jesus as we remember who He is to us and all that He is doing in our lives and in the lives of our family and friends. We magnify Him as we celebrate all the ways He interacts with us in His grace and mercy. We want to make Jesus the main focus by sharing testimonies of how He has answered prayer and brought His words to pass.

If you have a testimony of how the Lord has spoken or ministered to you through the team at Lost Penny Found, just click the contact button and send us a brief message.

I want to thank the Lord and sister Ty for one of the most accurate prophetic words that I have ever received. In 2021 we were in a situation where we really needed to get a confirmation from the Lord whether the decision that we had made was really from God or not. Without knowing anything, Sister Ty accurately described our situation! The Lord confirmed to us that the decision was from Him and we received so much needed peace, encouragement and comfort. This ministry is truly from the Father and Tyane Boye is a powerful prophetic voice for His church.


Hope you are well and started 2017 in good spirits. I’ve just finished reading Prophetic Intern. WOW! I am amazed at what God has done in your life and thank you so much for documenting these.
From the time I started interacting with you, God has used you so much in my life and it was great for me to really get some background on where all this started.
I praise the Lord God for your life and many like you that he has raised to be his eyes and voice to the nations. It may seem small in your eyes, but hey God has changed my life through you, my faith in Him has been strengthened.
Thank you, may God bless and keep using you in his own mysterious ways.

I wanted to send this email with a twofold purpose, 1) to encourage you that this word you received from the Lord has been an incredibly accurate word in season and over the past year it has time and time again stood strong. Our God is amazing and I have had many words given to me in my life over the years but not many have ever been even close to accurate. This I believe was and has been so be encouraged in the knowledge that as you seek Him He continually is speaking and using you as a tremendous gift to the Church. 2) My wife and I have felt a strong urge to church plant ….and your word confirmed that and that we would know the right time, well that is now…..


I have requested prophesy and prayers from you for months now, and I truly feel the Holy Spirit move from the words that are given to me by you from God. I pray for you, Sister Ty, and your staff that God continues to bless you and strengthen your kindness, your life, and your spiritual gifts.  You have really changed my life spiritual with some questions that I have had, which I haven’t discussed with you, but God has given you the insight to give people like myself the confirmation needed to allow me more strength to hold on to my faith for the Holy Spirit to guide me as I take my spiritual walk with Christ and I am eternally grateful.  You are a true blessing!

Greeting in the precious name of Jesus, He has truly called you as His prophetess and I say Amen to All your wonderful words to my ears. I have been greatly attacked by the enemy of our souls…. you are 100% accurate in your prophetic words. Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon. I know that our God truly loves us so much for He has given you a quick answer for my heart broken and repentance soul. I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon but I do know that Jesus want to speak to me through your words. I thank God first and then you for be so sensitive to Him. I thank God for you and will keep you in my prayers. I will also ask our God to allow us to meet sometime on this earth so that I can give to you a brotherly hug.

Mr. Noel

I have received quite a lot of online prophecies recently so I weigh them and judge them . I know which ones are consistent. Prophet Ty Boye’s is my favorite of all because she’s spot on and very specific. My two sisters who have tried online prophetic appointments also said the same. I thank God for her.


This is a reply to a word you gave me from the Lord which has been more than a year! Back in September 2014. And I just want to thank you so much for your prayer and the words which you spoke into my life. Initially, I didn’t know how to respond because there was so much to take in as well as being overwhelmed by my circumstances. However with the word you gave me I mulled over it and meditated upon it, seeking the lord on what he was saying regarding my giftings and my calling and how to apply the instructions that were given. There has not been a season to which I have not read and reminded myself of this word even to this day.And much has changed in my life as a result.


It is amazing because I am teacher, and you could not know that!
Thank you again! This means a lot to me! God bless you richly!
In His love,

Prophetess Ty Boye is a true prophetic voice who knows the Holy Spirit.

She prophesized to me about a job lead will come this week and it came to pass, $5.00 more than what I made an hour, equaling $9,000 more a year, we thank God for His mercy and unstoppable grace.


Prophetess Sis. Ty is indeed hearing directly from God! Her prophetic word resonated with my life and while I wait patiently for things to unfold according to God’s word, I am grateful for her encouragement. God bless you!


When I wrote to you 2 years ago asking for a city where I should move to for my studies, I didn’t state which city/country I was from. You asked the Lord and He gave you the answer: Prague. That was 1 of 2 cities I was considering. It was 2 years ago and this year I applied to a medical university. The most famous medical university in the Central Europe. They accept 180 people out of 2500. At the entrance exams I ended up being the 12th. Praise the Lord! 🙂 and now I am moving to Prague. Such a correct and precise word from you, that encouraged me to do my best to be admitted to that university. Thank you!

To God be all the glory and I will like to say God bless you and the ministry, you have been a great blessing to me via your book, prophetic words of knowledge and very encouraging words.
Please keep up the good work and God bless you richly in a Jesus name.

I’m so at a loss for words right now. I used to have a hard time believing God could love me, but these past few weeks have been the best. It’s the certainty of his love. I can’t explain. I love you and your team so much. I can’t thank you guys enough for the words and prophecies you have spoken into me. 

Hi. I wanna thank you for your prophecies and encouragements for many years. Bless you and your ministry.  He spoke through your testimonies of the future, and now I’m living it. Thank you.


Thank you so much, sister Tyane.
First of all, the whole word felt truly like a piece of the puzzle that I was missing that really realigned me in so many ways after a very harsh and dry season. It was spot on in a way that you just feel it in your spirit.

You mentioned I had been in a season of prayer and fasting and I have been in such a season for the past few years as I have been recovering from illness at home. I have been praying over many things God has placed in my heart, but also praying and fasting as consecration of my life to Him.

The second thing that shocked me in a good way was that you mentioned Dog the bounty hunter. I had heard of him and his show but truly didn’t know what he was about. But in the past few months I had felt God kept highlighting him and wanted me to look into him but I just hadn’t gotten to look into him and was surprised by what you mentioned his ministry was about because I had no idea, but you were right that I have a heart for those that others consider unreachable and beyond. So far just for prayer, but excited to see what God has in regard for me ahead.

You mentioned that I had been reticent to name what I do now ministry. You were right in this regard as I have been home recovering. I have been helping a friend/mentor with some online ministry just managing some online stuff for her and praying for/with people and prophesying over them etc. Someone mentioned something being a ministry to me not too long ago and I said “well, I am just helping my friend…” So it is interesting the Lord brought that up to you. Thank you for sharing that also. It was a blessing.

You mentioned about prophetic art and during this time while I have been recovering I have been home working on something God gave for me to do which involves writing and some prophetic art for publication. It has been really tough to get through it not because of what I am doing but because I always do seem to get some sort of distraction or attack whenever I commit to really pushing into it and I have been really feeling overwhelmed by it while also wanting to obey God and get through with it so what you mentioned was truly a blessing and an encouragement to me and right on point. I have also been wondering if it was God who put in my heart to do something else with the art and wasn’t sure about it so what you shared was confirmation to me about what I had been feeling, because I am not an artist by trade per se and what I went to school for has nothing to do with art. So I really appreciate that and it gave me new fire and encouragement to press on with the blueprints GOd gave to me and move into things despite some hurdles and warfare I have been encountering.

So I just wanted to thank you and give this testimony of how on target this was and I pray God blesses and increases you and yours overwhelmingly!
Alana W.