LPF Prophetic Ministry Equipping

This is truly that day in which our Lord God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh” according to Joel 2:28. At Lost Penny Found we are graced to see the beginnings of this outpouring unfold in our time. To Jesus be the glory! We’re honored to have a part in discipling others called to the end time harvest field.

LPF Prophetic Ministry Equipping is a mentorship program for those who desire to serve/lead in revelatory ministry locally or online.



If you are brand new to prophetic ministry, this may not be the course for you. But if you are already Spirit-filled and feel a need to sharpen your flow in the grace gifts, this may be for YOU. Also, if you desire to participate in a team setting where there is a safe space to interact with others on a similar journey, this may be for you as well. And if you have a heart to serve/lead in any aspect of Christian ministry, you may have found a starting point here.

We ask for a three month commitment to the training. During that time, you will be assigned to two team members who will stay in touch by email and Telegram. For approximately 12 weeks we will all seek to follow the Holy Spirit and His leading as you are mentored privately and in the group setting. We will engage with you in discussion, study, and practical application of the prophetic. We will pursue topics such as identity in Christ and all that grace teaches (Titus 2:11-14) as we study Scripture and seek Him to develop greater sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. This course is a prerequisite to join our online ministry team.

Our training involves participation in a model of team ministry which the Lord has shaped at LPF in an ongoing way since 2012. In LPF chats and training, you will experience the prophetic in real time connections. As the Lord leads, you’ll be invited to explore various topics in the prophetic at your own pace. And you will have a chance to prophesy over our team members and receive meaningful feedback as you go and grow. One of our goals is to see each mentee equipped to serve/lead with a hearing and loving heart, in a variety of ministry settings.

Jesus’ sheep hear His voice, and He knows them, and they follow Him. (John 10:27) Hearing Him more often is a chance to get to know Him more. It’s a blessed pursuit with lasting benefits. We are transformed as we receive just how much we are known and loved by Him. The prophetic cannot be separated from a life of love. Our Lord Jesus truly desires for us to go on adventures of love and faith and service with Him.


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