Prophetic Intern – Tyane Boye

For eight months as a novice prophetic trainee, I wrote a weekly digest to the partners and friends of an international prophetic ministry. Prophetic Intern was a quirky newsletter with bad punctuation, and I knew it. But here was a chance to share my testimony, and I believed many would find points on which to meditate, be encouraged, and even be sharpened in the Lord. I wanted to keep the style relaxed and real. I knew this audience had incredible stories of their own to tell me, and tell me they did! Many took the time to write to me personally and share their stories. I do treasure each person and the letters they wrote in response to Prophetic Intern. The Lord used these to encourage me greatly along the way.

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Go Find My Story

“What caused you to say that, I wonder?” Tammy asked me.

“I reckon I didn’t know it then, but I could see the future sometimes and it seemed natural to me to just say what I seen. Peoples didn’t pay no attention to it ’til it happened, and then they got scared ’cause I was right.”– Chapter 7, Go Find My Story

Go Find My Story is based on the true story of Effie Jones, a Christian prophetess, street evangelist, and Southern cook extraordinaire. Raised in Louisiana, Effie migrates to San Francisco in the 1940s and quickly adapts to the new “climate.” Always the storyteller, she seizes each moment to share the parables of her life as she keeps her daily divine appointments at home and on the streets of The City.

In 1976, Effie’s life-long dream to get her biography “wrote down” leads her into friendship with Tammy, a college dropout whose faith is transformed as she hears the miraculous stories and witnesses the hope and love of this amazing woman.


With tales of harsh child labor, traumatic loss, and a string of six husbands, Effie recounts her long road toward freedom to forgive and to live from her identity in the Lord.

In one sense a manual for the redemptive prophet, Go Find My Story tells how prophets are born- and made. Effie’s God-given prophetic abilities to “see” and “hear” surface early on, much to the astonishment of her family. Her visionary gifts mature as she traverses seasons of personal tragedy with an ever-growing awareness of the voice and presence of the Lord watching over her.

With her eyes fixed more and more on Jesus, Effie shows herself far less concerned about using her supernatural gifting than about becoming a vessel of His love to a lost and hurting world. A true spiritual mother, Effie begins to mentor her spiritual daughter Tammy “on the sly” in her stories. A true prophetess, Effie speaks words that shape Tammy’s course for the next thirty years.

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