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“God knows where you’re at, and He loves you.”

Tyane (Ty) Boye was introduced to prophetic ministry in 1976 by a devoted friend, mentor, and spiritual mother, Prophetess Minnie Johnson of San Mateo, California.  Minnie’s prayers, witness, and supernatural ministry formed the backdrop of the book Go Find My Story . Tyane assembled Minnie’s memoirs with the help of author Sandy Landry, after Ty’s move to Fort Worth, Texas.

Prophetess Minnie Johnson and Sister Tyane (Ty) Boye.

Prophetess Minnie Johnson and Sister Tyane (Ty) Boye.

Although a Christian since childhood, Ty did not begin to research the modern prophetic movement until January 2008.Ty’s book, Prophetic Intern tells in detail many of the revelations she received during this fruitful season in the Lord.

A period of personal training and growth followed, as Ty was spurred on by many friends in the online prophetic community. In September 2011, Ty was ordained and served as a prophetic minister with Prophetic Ministries Tabernacle. Then in July 2012, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Sis Ty began the email ministry now known as Lost Penny Found.  She is a member of A-Team Mentorship and Women In Ministry Network under Patricia King/XP Ministries and attends Grace Revolution Church in locally in Irving, Texas.

Sis Ty and her husband of forty years, J.R. Boye, have two children and two grandchildren. Ty has been blessed to play sacred and secular violin music and teach many children to play stringed instruments over a nearly forty year career as a free-lance violinist.


Lost Penny Found Ministry Team Photos


Sis Tammy Grannis and Sis Ty Boye, August 2016

Sis LaToya Pitts,  August 201614100486_10210433849032654_4159608731762634417_n (1)

Sis Amalia Piegerova, August 2017