6 thoughts on “Welcome to LostPennyFound!

  1. Prophet DJP

    Prophetess Ty Boye is a true prophetic voice who knows the Holy Spirit.

    She prophesized to me about a job lead will come this week and it came to pass, $5.00 more than what I made an hour, equaling $9,000 more a year, we thank God for His mercy and unstoppable grace.

  2. Diane

    Prophetess Sis. Ty is indeed hearing directly from God! Her prophetic word resonated with my life and while I wait patiently for things to unfold according to God’s word, I am grateful for her encouragement. God bless you!

  3. Leilani

    I have received quite a lot of online prophecies recently so I weigh them and judge them . I know which ones are consistent. Prophet Ty Boye’s is my favorite of all because she’s spot on and very specific. My two sisters who have tried online prophetic appointments also said the same. I thank God for her.

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